Picture Day Tips

Here Are Some Very Important Team Picture Day Tips!

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your scheduled time with order form complete and payment in hand. (checks, cash, CC) Tardy arrivals will compromise our ability to service subsequent teams on time.
  • Check the weather.  If we anticipate wind, bring a hair tie or choose a hair style that “works” best in the wind.  In case of cold, choose clothing  that is easily removed, fitted outside of the uniforms.
  • Most children are photographed with shirts tucked in and we do our best to check this however coaches and parents can review before they are in line to keep the process flowing. If you chose to have the photo taken with shirt un-tucked, do so before they are in line for photos and let us know.
  • Chapped lips.  Use a small amount of lip balm to avoid cracked lip photos, just enough to cover without looking too glossy.
  • Sunscreen.  If possible try to avoid overdoing the sunscreen right before photos, we want to avoid having the children looking like glazed donuts.
  • Hats.  Please try to re-size hats to exactly the right size before arrival to photos.  Younger players will often have hats adjusted too large/small pushing  the ears down in photos.
  • Team Photos.  Try to avoid attracting attention to yourself by yelling to the kids while the team pictures are taken.  Too often the kids will ‘look away” while we are taking the team shot when this  happens. We want all the kids to be looking at the photographer as much as possible.
  • Cameras. Please no cameras within 20 feet of the photo area.  Kids will often get confused as to whom they need to look at while the photographer is working.  Also, our camera flashes will misfire as they can be activated by external flashes firing simultaneously.